u-vchroot-restricted-users NcFTPd domain.cf file configuration
Don't forget to restart NcFTPd after modifying the domain.cf file.

This lets you choose how remote users see your filesystem.  When a user is restricted to a portion of the filesystem, for example, /home/joeuser, the subdirectory /home/joeuser/public_html would appear as /public_html to the remote user if this option is set to yes, and the full /home/joeuser/public_html if it is set to no.  The default is yes.

By default, virtual users are restricted, and it is highly recommended for security reasons that you accept this default behavior. But if you want virtual users to be unrestricted, set the general.cf option u-always-restrict-virtual-users=no. Setting that option also implicitly sets u-vchroot-restricted-users=no for virtual users.

In other words, this option is really only useful to determine how pathnames appear for restricted, non-virtual users.


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