How to Report Bugs in NcFTP Client

Because each FTP server program has its own quirks and unique interpretation of the FTP protocol, most bugs in NcFTP Client are caused by an unexpected interaction with a particular type of server software. What helps us fix our own bugs or work-around server bugs is the actual FTP protocol dialogue that was exchanged, and we call this a FTP protocol trace.

NcFTP Client (the interactive ncftp program) automatically stores the trace in the file $HOME/.ncftp/trace. Simply run ncftp, recreate the problem, quit the program, and inspect the $HOME/.ncftp/trace file.

The other programs (ncftpget, ncftpput, etc.) have a special command-line option (-d) which saves the trace to a log file. For example, if your original command was:

Then here is the same thing, with the trace information saved to /tmp/ncftpget.log:

A sample $HOME/.ncftp/trace file follows. When sending us your bug report, please include a trace with your e-mail. This will help us diagnose the problem, and recreate the problem as closely as possible.